Wilson, NY – Father's Day weekend, June 20-21, 2015


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KidsQ Results

Special Awards

    Rookie of the Year: No Clue ‘Que II
    Healthiest BBQ: Butts & Links 2.0 (Whole Wheat Taco with Yogurt Sauce)

Best in Category

    Best Taco: Little Iron Hogs (Pork Belly Taco w Lime Juice Cole Slaw)
    Best Pork Chop: Bar-B-Cutie (Thick-Cut Pork Chop with Sweet Sarah’s ‘Mine’ Rub)
    Honorable mention: No Clue ‘Que II (As one judge put it, this chop was the “best meat he ate all weekend.)
    Best Skewers: Bar-B-Cutie (Bacon S’mores on a Stick)
    Best Wings: Little Iron Hogs (Bourbon-Sauced Wings)


    Grand Champion: Bar-B-Cutie (a perfect 120 pts)
    Reserve Grand Champion: Little Iron Hogs (114 pts)
    3rd: CZ Que (113 pts)
    4th: Just Wingin’ It Jr. (106 pts)
    5th: Kiss My BBQ Jr. (101 pts)


KCBS Results

Complete results are available on the KCBS website.


    Grand Champion: Nickel City Smokers (Williamsville, NY)
    Reserve Grand Champion: Kiss My BBQ (Amherst, NY)


    1st: The 5th Artery (Amherst, NY)
    2nd: Priorville (Attica, NY)
    3rd: Fatty Mac BBQ (St Catharines, ON)
    4th: Three Dogs BBQ (Renfrew, PA)
    5th: Smokin Boys & Hot Grills (Carlsbad Springs, ON)

Pork Ribs

    1st: Q’n Canucks (Guelph, ON
    2nd: Jones’ Bones (Webster, NY)
    3rd: Smokin’ Ain’t Easy (Glenwood, NY)
    4th: Spittin’ Feathers BBQ (Youngstown ,OH)
    5th: Fatty Mac BBQ (St Catharines, ON)

Pork Shoulder

    1st: Fatty Mac BBQ (St Catharines, ON)
    2nd: KC and the Smokeshack Band (Boston, NY)
    3rd: Pig Iron (Niagara Falls, NY)
    4th: Behind BBQ (Spencerport, NY)
    5th: Good Smoke BBQ (Penfield, NY)

Beef Brisket

    1st: Nickel City Smokers (Williamsville, NY)
    2nd: Kiss My BBQ (Amherst, NY)
    3rd: Slogies BBQ (Hamlin, NY)
    4th: Tranquil Carnivores (Cambridge, ON)
    5th: Team Eatapedia (Ottawa, ON)

Ancillary – Rethinking Chicken

    1st: Carnivore’s Heaven (Lawtons, NY)
    2nd: Slogies BBQ (Hamlin, NY)
    3rd: Jones’ Bones (Webster, NY)
    4th: Route 5 Smokehaus (Akron, NY)
    5th: 5 Hogs Front Porch (Buffalo, NY)

Ancillary – Leftovers

    1st: Behind BBQ (Spencerport, NY)
    2nd: Nickel City Smokers (Williamsville)
    3rd: Slogies BBQ (Hamlin, NY)
    4th: Priorville (Attica, NY)
    5th: Hoof-n-Hog Smokers (Eden, NY)


2015 Can-Am Award — Team Eatapedia (Ottawa,ON)

This award celebrates Canadian-American barbecue by identifying a team who has performed above and beyond in the furtherance of BBQ. The winning team’s name is inscribed on the trophy and they hold the award for one year, returning it for next year’s competition.

Congratulations to John Thomson & Team Eatapedia!