Wilson, NY – Father's Day weekend, June 20-21, 2015


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BBQ competitions


In 2015, we are offering 3 BBQ competitions. The Cook’s and Judges’ Packet contains information on ALL competitions, complete with rules and schedules.

See current list of registered teams.

KCBS-sanctioned barbecue competition – Saturday, June 20

Teams prepare entries in 4 categories: Chicken, Ribs, Pork Shoulder, and Beef Brisket. All entries must conform to official KCBS rules.

There are also 2 ancillary categories this year:

  • Rethinking Chicken: Tired of Parkay-braised thighs and lollipop legs? Then this category is for you. We want you to turn in a legal KCBS box of chicken, but be creative with it. Be original! We will encourage creativity by changing the scoring system, explicitly rewarding creativity/originality.
  • Leftovers: Show us what you do with leftover competition BBQ meat! How do you transform your leftover BBQ meat into something equally fantastic?

Complete information is available in the Cook’s Packet.

Entry fee: 20×20 – $210, 20×30 – $240, 20×40 – $290 , Vendors – $75
                ($45 late fee for entries/payment after May 15, 2015)

Includes: Site, KCBS competition plus 2 ancillary categories, up to 2 free entries into the KidsQ competition. Only the 4 KCBS categories count toward Grand Champion honors.

To register: Online (preferred) or paper application

    Paper application (we prefer you register online – see above)
    Contest rules (including ancillary categories)
    Official KCBS rules
    Cook’s Packet

KidsQ – Sunday, June 21

Teams consist of one or more Junior members (age 16 or under) who cook(s) with the supervision and oversight of a Senior member (over age 16). Judging occurs at the cook site. Junior Cooks must prepare entries from two of the following four categories:

  • Tacos
  • Chicken Wings
  • Pork Chops
  • Skewers

Complete information is available in the Cook’s Packet.

Entry fee: $20 per team (free for up to 2 teams also competing in KCBS)
Entry form: Non-KCBS participants can use the KCBS paper entry form

    KCBS paper entry form (for lone participants, not competing in KCBS division)
    KidsQ contest rules
    Cook’s Packet

KCBS judges needed

Because we seek to have 100% KCBS-certified judges, and particularly a high number of Master Judges, we are again asking for certified judges to register to judge our various BBQ competitions. Our judging needs are primarily for Saturday, but some judges will be required on Sunday for the Fire Company Throwdown. Judging of the Kids Q competition is by special invitation only.

Complete information and rules can be found in the Cook’s and Judges’ Packet.

Register to judge: Online (preferred) or paper application


    Paper judging application (we prefer you register online)
    Complete Judges’ & Cook’s Packet
    Local accommodations (includes lodging, camping, grocery & hardware stores, and area churches)

Volunteers needed

We are in need of a number of volunteers who are well-acquainted with the needs of BBQ teams and the requirements for running a KCBS-sanctioned competition. In particular, we need help getting the grounds ready prior to check-in on Friday, people to help the teams get situated on Friday, assistants in the judging temt on Saturday and Sunday, and (finally) help with breakdown and cleanup on Sunday and Monday.

If you can help, please contact Frank Tutzauer by email at comfrank@buffalo.edu or Crossborder@DoghouseWillie.com

For more information

Any questions or concerns can be directed to:
Frank & Carol Tutzauer, BBQ Event Organizers
4817 Wilson Burt Rd
Wilson, NY 14172
Email: Crossborder@DoghouseWillie.com